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The English Teacher Experience, Excel English

Отзывы преподавателей, которые прошли курс в школе Excel English по программе The English Teacher Experience.

«This course has been very helpful for me.
I found out a lot of useful techniques and I am planning to use them in the classroom as soon as possible. Now I know how to teach students according to their learning abilities (intelligences), I got lots of information on reading development, listening and speaking skills using communicative methodology and now I know how to keep students interested and motivated.
This is a very well thought of course and what I appreciate most of all is that we have a chance to practise every activitiy as if we were students, so we got not only theoretical but practical knowledge. Thank you!»

Svetlana Zauers

«We got a lot of new ideas: activities, games and tasks.
All important features were mentioned during the course, and each session was useful because we got a lot of materials to use in class. I liked it that all the materials were printed out for us and handed out – that’s really a very good and helpful idea.
We’ll definitely be using them with our students, and I’m sure we’ll find them really helpful. Thank you for everything.»

Irina Molchanova

«I believe that attending this course was very beneficial for me as I got what I expected: advice, fresh ideas on teaching, inspiration and additional self motivation for self development in the ESL field.
A lot of activities we’ve done during the sessions were very practical and I would love to use them for my own classes.
(The) well balanced amount of theory we got is also helpful, skills development & background knowledge.
Personally I think this course is fantastic and really well though through.»

Alisa Kartyshova

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